18 Battalion Roll Call
Following the success of raising the First Battalion recruitment for a Second Battalion began in February 1915. 
The following is the list of men whose Regimental Numbers began with the pre-fix 18/ having been recruited directly into the 18th Battalion.  We have yet to find information against some of the Regimental Numbers and there are various reasons why this would be the case. The most probable reasons for most of these is that the numbers were allocated but the men receiving them were discharged as unfit, transferred to other units or Commissioned between enlisting and the Battalions deployment to Egypt in December 1915.  Where they can be found the records for these men invariably do not show their original 18/ regimental numbers.
The highest number found (so far) is 18/1660. This was allocated to Clement Fox who enlisted on 17/11/1915 and was discharged on 15/2/1918 under Para 392 (xvi) of Kings Regulations.
Please Note: Due to the numbers involved we have split the Roll Call into two halves 18/1 to 18/830 and 18/831 - 18/1660. Please use the "Next Page" and "Back" Buttons to move between the two.
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