On Friday 6th November 1914, the Bradford Daily Telegraph, as part of its “War Relief Fund” campaign printed the names of the first 1000 men to enlist in what was to become the 16th Battalion West Yorkshire Regiment. The list also included the trades and professions of the men which gives a glimpse into the pre-war lives of these volunteers.
The list below transcribes those men to their Regimental number and where possible to what happened to them between their enlistment and the end of WW1.
Research has shown that some of the men’s names were misreported in the Telegraph and where found these have been amended in the list.  There were also men who enlisted in the first 1000 and who were not reported in the Telegraph.  These men have been added and where found their Occupation on Enlistment.
The Regimental numbers run between 16/1 and 16/1082.   No information has been found for some of the Regimental numbers or for the 16/ Number for some of the men on the list. It is our opinion that although these numbers were allocated, the men to whom they belong were either discharged as unfit, transferred to other Regiments or discharged to Commissions between enlistment in September 1914 and the Battalions deployment to Egypt in December 1915. No records seem to have been kept of their original 16/ numbers.
After the first thousand volunteers the 16th Battalion continued enlistment directly into the Regiment.  The roll call for these further volunteers with a 16/ Regimental Number can be found by clicking on the button to the right.

Details of casualties incurred by men with 16/ numbers can be found by clicking on the button to the right.  They are listed both by Regimental Number and in alphabetical order on seperate lists.  There is also a full list of Officers and men killed while serving with 1st Bradford Pals.
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